Auger Boring

What is Auger Boring

Perforator PBA 85 Auger BoringThis boring technique utilizes a steel casing, auger and a reaming head to excavate and remove the boring spoils. 

As the reaming head excavates the bore hole, the casing and auger transport cuttings from the face of the bore to the boring shaft.

This method of boring is the preferred construction method of Railroad Owners and many DOT’s.

Auger Boring is also known as “Dry Boring”.

The powerful and compact multi-purpose thrust boring machines are designed for steered and non-steered trenchless installation of underground service pipes.

They can be efficiently adapted to all current drilling methods, with different drilling tools and the appropriate equipment application is possible in all soil classes.

Perforator PBA 85 in Round Shaft Auger BoringOur Optic Electronic Navigation System (OEN) provides for the exact steering of the pilot rods and ensures that the required tolerances are kept.

With proper extension frames all pipe lengths can be laid and achieve drilling lengths up to 80m in suitable ground conditions.




Advantages of Auger Boring

 Accurate installations +/- 25mm over distances up to 100 metres between pits

  • Can operate from shafts as small as 2.40mØ

  • Ideal for gravity drainage pipes, cable ducts or accurate installations

  • Can install variety of pipe materials, such as clay, steel, PE, concrete or GRP

  • Dry method of installation - unlike micro tunnelling does not generate slurry

  • Auger boring is unaffected by surface obstacles

  • No disruption to surface, buildings, road, river, rail or traffic

  • By boring underground the working area is confined to entry and exit points

  • Unlike micro tunnelling, Guided Auger can be retracted back to the working pit

  • Can be used to install pipes in changeable ground conditions

  • Auger boring is quick and in many cases has lower overall costs


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Flowtek have recently completed a multi utility full turn key project for the installation of -
* 750m x 180mm Gas Main 
* 700m x 160mm Water Main
* 240m x 160mm Electric Ducting
For a new housing development site including pit excavation, jointing and valve work in Congleton. Ground conditions very dense sand. Project completed on time within a three week time frame.

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