Trenchless Technology

How Trenchless Technology works

Clay Farm Rail Crossing Completed By Laser Guided Auger The Trenchless Technology technique used by FlowTEK involves the drilling of a pilot bore from the required start point along a predetermined route to the required completion point. 

Throughout this operation, adjustment can be made to the line and level of the bore.

The fluid assisted angular faced drill head carries a transmitting device in order that the position, depth, pitch and roll can be monitored on the surface.

When the pilot bore is complete, the drill head is removed and replaced with an appropriate back reamer. The cable or pipe is attached behind the reamer by means of a swivel and towing head. The cable or pipe is then installed as the drill string is retracted.

The fluids pumped through the rods to the head are vital to the process in that, in addition to lubrication and cooling, the polymers used help bind and stabilise the surrounding earth.

The ease with which the above operations can be carried out depends on a number of factors including the diameter of the pipe or cable to be installed, the length of the shot and the complexity of the route to be directionally drilled, with regard to any sensitively positioned underground services. Always of significance are the prevailing ground conditions and the knowledge and experience of the operatives with regard to the use of appropriate tooling and polymers as these factors are fundamental to a successful directional drilling operation.

What FlowTEK offers

Flowtek undertaking major roundabout crossings to install 2 x 250mm and 3 x 125mm at each locationFlowTEK offers a comprehensive service in the underground installation of pipe, duct or cable through the application of the company's extensive range of directional drilling plant and equipment by the teams of highly trained and experienced operatives.

Contracts undertaken vary in size from the installation of domestic pipe or cable over short distances, to the installation of pipe or duct for the utility industries across many kilometres or large diameter crossings under roads, railways, airport runways or rivers.

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Latest News

Flowtek have recently completed a multi utility full turn key project for the installation of -
* 750m x 180mm Gas Main 
* 700m x 160mm Water Main
* 240m x 160mm Electric Ducting
For a new housing development site including pit excavation, jointing and valve work in Congleton. Ground conditions very dense sand. Project completed on time within a three week time frame.

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